Finding the Right Journal for Your Scientific Publications

Publishing your research manuscript is such a challenging task, especially when you are a new researcher. The headache revolves around picking the best journal, given the multiple choices in the world. However, even if you have published thousands of research articles before, it remains imperative to check on the best publication services since this field is advancing every day.

Unfortunately, most researchers have relied on a single journal, and they bother not to find more suitable options. So, how do you find the right publication journal? This excerpt brings you close to a better understanding of the selection process.

The Impact Factor of the Journal

Nobody wants to deal with unreliable publishers. Be keen to check the impact factor of the one you are about to choose. For instance, you may check the citations they have received over the years compared to the number of publications. It is among the conventional methods used to identify the reputation of various publishers, and most recognised by authors.

Acceptance Rate

There is no set standard for acceptance rates by journals, and thus, most journals fix their own. As such, it is crucial to verify the acceptability rate of your selection. While some offer a 90% acceptance rate, others go as low as 50%. Additionally, some journals consider the number of publication in a particular field. For instance, if there are few publications in the scientific sector, they are likely to add more and if not, reduce the acceptance rate.

Peer Review

Before you decide on any journal, you need to seek details regarding the availability of peer review processes. Often, most journals will provide this service before the publication of your manuscript. It offers room to clean your research findings and validate them. However, if the publishers are not clear about this process, it is high time you continued with your search for a suitable deal.