Main Types of Publications

Publishing companies produce several different kinds of periodicals to serve particular purposes and niches. Some of the most common types of publication include:

Academic Journals

Academic journals typically contain research papers by scholars about topics relevant to their particular field of expertise.

Before publication, however, these articles must be peer-reviewed by qualified academics to ensure their accuracy and objectivity. Following a rigorous review, a journal’s editorial board will approve an article for publication.

Most academic journals are now published online, but they generally require a subscription fee to be accessed. Most articles can also usually be purchased on a per-piece basis.

Some academic journals, however, have open-access policies that allow users to read all their material free of charge.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are typically published to inform and educate the general public. While most focus on current affairs, many newspapers and magazines also devote considerable amounts of their content to entertainment.

This includes frequent reviews of gaming platforms and online casinos, such as Wildz casino review, with a view to keeping their readers entertained.

Newspapers and magazines are published much more frequently than journals, with newspapers generally being published on a daily basis while magazines are usually published every week or month.

Since the advent of the internet in the 1990s, most newspapers and magazines have had to start publishing online versions, for which they generally charge a modest subscription fee.


Unlike journals, newspapers and magazines, books typically require years to prepare before they are ready for publication.

Available in both paperback and hardcover formats, books cover a limitless range of topics and genres, but are broadly divided into two main categories, namely fiction and non-fiction.

Like virtually all other publications, books have been deeply affected by the rise of the internet, as people increasingly turn to e-books and online versions to read works by their favourite authors.