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Elsevier trusts in traditions – no advancement in FinELib-Elsevier negotiations

FinELib issued an update on the negotiations yesterday and it is not looking good:

Unfortunately the first meeting showed that Elsevier is not willing to develop open access business models. Elsevier insists on keeping up the traditional subscription model and the price increases linked to it. Elsevier is not responding to the severe budget cuts in Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes nor to the scholarly community’s demand for open access publishing.


(In Finnish) 27 miljoonaa vuodessa: tiedejulkaisujen tilausmaksuista kiistellään

Helsingin yliopiston Yliopisto-lehti käsittelee tiedejulkaisujen tilausmaksuja viimeisimmässä numerossaan. Helsingin yliopiston tutkimuksesta vastaava vararehtori ja tiedonhinta-vetoomuksen ensimmäinen allekirjoittaja, professori Keijo Hämäläinen, toteaa seuraavaa:

Tiedän tutkijoita, jotka jo nyt kieltäytyvät referoimasta artikkeleita Elsevierin lehtiin, koska kustantaja ei kuuntele tutkijayhteisön tarpeita. Kyllä nämä vetoomukset luetaan tarkkaan.

Finnish higher education and research institutes continue negotiations on open access with Elsevier

From FinELib:

International science publisher Elsevier and Finland’s higher education and research institutes have agreed on one year’s extension to negotiations on electronic journals. More time is needed in order to find a solution for advancing open access, which is an extremely important goal for the Finnish research community. This one year agreement makes it possible for researchers to continue using Elsevier’s journals in 2017 while the negotiations continue.

See original post here.

Statement from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) released today a statement titled “Open science must be promoted by all means necessary”:

It is vital that these negotiations find a solution that is financially sustainable for the scientific community. The contracts that are to be signed must significantly increase the opportunity for Finnish researchers to publish openly. Open science is the starting point for our national contract negotiations. Finland requires that all parties implement solutions that will make open publishing commonplace for all researchers.

Read the whole statement here.