Response template for editorial and reviewer invitations

Here, we provide a template for responding the invitations for editorial and reviewer tasks for journals that you wish to boycott. It is important also to let editors, most of whom are unpaid professional scientists, know why you are boycotting their journal.

Thank you for your invitation to [review a manuscript / act as an editor] for XXXX. I am declining the invitation to support the nationwide review / editing boycott of [Elsevier/YYYY] in Finland..

FinELib, a consortium representing the Finnish universities and research institutes, is currently negotiating new subscription deals with [Elsevier/YYYY]. So far the negotiations have not lead to a satisfactory outcome in terms of fair costs and open access to scientific literature. Until a reasonable deal is reached between FinELib and [Elsevier/YYYY], I will decline from all  requests by [Elsevier/YYYY] journals.

More information:

With kind regards,